• Agile Properties TVC - China

    Sydney, Canberra & Kiama Director Tong Beng of Odeon Pictures and DP Mike Molloy create as very visual commercial.

  • Coca Cola - Fiji

    Navua, Fiji Wonderful people make memorable shoots, especially when you only have five professional crew, a small budget and need to involve the locals. Directed and shot by tropical expert Richard Chapelle

  • Camel International, UK

    Bangkok and Chang Mai, Thailand; Tully, Qld Beginning and end shots in Thailand but rapids had to be shot in Australia when Thailand's rivers dried up. UK director Bob Nisbet and Sydney DP Mike Molloy

  • BBC/Downer - international documentary, city

    Sydney CBD Any idea how we did it? I'll give you a hint: mini helicopter and tame birds against green screen

  • Castlemaine UK

    Broken Hill, NSW Old, but it still stands the test of time (probably why the spot won so many awards)

  • Bell Mobile 'Roam' - USA

    Melbourne and Victoria countryside We shot this to look like eastern USA

  • Lux Shampoo- China

    DOP/Director Brian Lai's clever use of studio rigs and a Sydney mansion location make for a very different looking hair TVC.

  • Siemens Mobile - Europe

    Sydney CBD With street lock-downs, Musco lights, stunts, etc, this complex shoot was directed by Paul Street (UK) through Baby Lemonade, Sydney