1970’s:  Supreme Sound Studios, Eric Porter Studios and Ross Wood Studios (all Sydney) in Art Dept. In late 70’s went freelance to pursue career as props person.
Began working, at clients’ request, in both production and location scouting areas. Over time, employment in Production overtook props work.

From the start, whilst still doing Australian  shoots, specialised in overseas productions. These involved international production houses that required a local person with full knowledge of the film industry, location sources and all relevant aspects of travel, customs and immigration.

Having now worked extensively and for over twenty years on international productions (in addition to local work) I am acutely aware of the needs of producers, stills photographers etc. when working in a foreign land. This knowledge has enabled me to successfully service the unique needs of these people when they come to Australia.

During the 80’s & early 90’s one of my major commissions was to co-ordinate the international ‘Camel’ cigarette movie-house campaigns. These were vast in scope involving extensive pre-production and shooting in remote and difficult locations in Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG).




 More recently, as an indication of the variety of the freelance work I undertake, I have Produced: the Sydney part of a major Thai action feature film called ‘Tom Yum Goong’; commercial campaigns for McDonalds USA shot in Thailand, docos in Papua New Guinea and Finnish, and TVCs for China, USA, Middle East and Vietnam, shot in Sydney. I also coordinated several 20-plus day stills shoots for prestigious European car launches shot in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and NSW and, of course, local TVCs in role of producer and 1st AD.


I have filmed in every state of Australia in a variety of regions, too numerous to mention here, and have worked on major campaigns in London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, Calcutta, Hanoi, Saigon, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Buenos Aires and throughout New Zealand, Fiji, PNG, Thailand and the Philippines.

Overseas production houses that I have serviced originate from England, Japan, France, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, Thailand, Germany and the USA.

Skills & Equipment:
Fully equipped production office, close to Fox Studios in
Sydney, available for hire.

Location cameras: stills (with GPS) and video In-house location
company (Viewfinder Location Services) with access to scouts and files.

Gold licence for car, motor bike and small bus (to 30 passengers)
‘Open Water’ dive ticket
Mac computer literate. (Software: Office, In-Design, MYOB,
Photoshop, Expression, etc).

Variety of computers including MacBooks with
mobile/internet access for location work.